Solty Krakens
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Solty Labs

Solty Labs is a prominent entity within the Web 3 ecosystem, committed to supporting and building a range of innovative ventures and projects.
Among these initiatives are the Aptos Krakens and Solty Krakens NFT Projects representing innovative and forward-thinking approaches to NFTs.
Moreover, Solty Labs is dedicated to building "Solteria", the first fiat & multi-chain Solteria Fundraising Platform to revolutionize fundraising by providing a decentralized, secure, and transparent solution for individuals and organizations. By leveraging cutting-edge Web 3 technology, Solteria will enable users to participate in fundraising campaigns in a way that is transparent, borderless, and highly efficient.
By providing strategic guidance, technical support, and access to capital, Solty Labs is committed to driving significant progress and innovation within the Web 3 ecosystem. We are excited about the possibilities that these initiatives present and look forward to what is coming.
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